The park was created with the aim of educating people about birds and creating an awareness of their beauty and diversity. The past few years has seen this educational focus shift towards a broader view of conservation and biodiversity awareness in general. Signage is continuously being updated and changed according to world-wide trends, visitor requests and expansion of our own knowledge.

As well as signage on the cages, we also have other educational mediums in use around the park. The Education Station is in the heart of the park opposite the African Aviary and contains a variety of posters, Rhinoceros Hornbill Skeleton and Information Boards. More exhibits are planned for this space and all exhibits change on a regular basis so there is always something new to learn.

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Blue Crane
King Vulture

Lesser Palm Cockatoo

Eastern Black-capped Lory

Blue and Yellow Macaw

Common Peafowl
Grey Crowned Crane
Demoiselle Crane

Marabou Stork
White Stork