Update on our Reopening

We are now open to the public from 9am to 4pm every day. No entry will be permitted without a facemask for any visitor over the age of 3. We ask that you adhere to social distancing measures, remaining at least 2m away from other guests. We are limited to a maximum of 100 guests in the park at one time, so you may need to wait for entry. Please be patient during this time. The free-flight bird show is at 11am and 2pm from Tuesday to Sunday, with shows on a Monday during the school holidays. Please note that all shows are weather permitting, and may be cancelled or shortened in strong winds or rainy conditions.

Please be patient as we redevelop our website.


The Umgeni River Bird Park was designed and built by Dr Alan Abrey. It is situated in an old quarry site which used to contain water and was visited by Alan as a young boy growing up in Durban. When looking for a bird park site, he remembered it as a perfect option. After a year of extensive land filling, landscaping and aviary construction, the Umgeni River Bird Park was opened in April 1984 by the then mayor of Durban, Councillor Sybil Hotz.

The park is situated in 3.5 hectares of lush tropical landscaping and houses an ever-increasing collection of more than 800 birds from 200 species. Some species are the only representatives of their kind in Africa whilst others are commonly kept as pets.

To learn more about the birds in our collection, please click here