Welcome to Umgeni Bird Park

The Umgeni River Bird Park’s main feature is a free-flight show that has as its focus a conservation theme to inspire visitors, as birds glide past them in full and unrestricted flight. To appreciate the beauty of the natural world around them.

Shortlyabout us

Conservation is high on the park’s list of priorities. They breed 17 of the 23 endangered bird species that are kept in the park, and young chicks are fed hourly around the clock, avidly watched from a viewing window by visitors.


The Umgeni River Bird Park was designed and built by Dr Alan Abrey. It is situated in an old quarry site which used to contain water and was visited by Alan as a young bot growing up in Durban. When looking for a bird park site, he remembered it as a perfect option.



Bookings & Tours

Every year the park plays host to thousands of school children from across the country. Free guided tours can be arranged for smaller school groups (up to 30 children at a time) and worksheets are also available for a minimal cost. We do request that you enquire about availability of guides for tours and order worksheets in advance to allow us time to prepare. For the latest prices and to check availability of space for your group please phone or email us.

contact info

The park is situated at 490 Riverside Road, Durban North on the banks of the Umgeni River.

+ 27 31 5794600 E : education@urbp.co.za