One of the main focuses of the park is education. Whilst this means different things to everybody, the programs we have in place and have planned for introduction by the end of the year will ensure something for everyone. Our education manager recently returned from the International Zoo Educators Association conference in Hong Kong which was attended by 159 zoo educators from 30 countries and 109 institutions. The knowledge gained at this conference will result in some exciting changes to our current education programs. One of the biggest additions will be interactive educational exhibits at various points around the park. A new map, guide book and signage are all in the process of development.

There will also be changes to the website with a new feature bird of the month, new pictures, updated content every month and increased activity on our social media platforms. We would like to encourage visitors to the website and social media platforms to interact with us, let us know what you want to know and would like information on. It is only through your interactions that we can make changes and adapt to give you the best experience possible.